Best VW SUV to buy

September 2nd, 2019 by

Best VW SUV to buy

A Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) takes all the best features of other vehicle types, like the toughness, off-road capabilities and ride height of a 4×4 ute, the comfort, safety and technology of a family car and rolls them all into one rugged, practical and safe car for the whole family to enjoy. Start imagining the possibilities that a Volkswagen SUV can bring to your adventures. With the wide range of SUVs to fit your needs, the choice is truly yours! If you are looking for the best VW SUV to buy, then you have come to the right place. At Pfaff VW, we have a massive selection of new and pre-owned SUVs in our inventory. In this blog by Pfaff VW, we will be talking about the characteristics that make VW SUVs such a great choice!

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Why you should consider a VW SUV…

SUVs are quickly becoming the most popular vehicle style for drivers on the road today. Not only do they offer more space inside the vehicle, they also provide a surprising fuel economy which gives them the perfect mix for a lot of drivers. SUVs provide many of the benefits of driving a truck such as the extra towing capability, additional space and sitting higher up off the ground. Along with these benefits, SUVs also have many of the benefits of a sedan such as a compact vehicle that is easy to control and handle, better fuel economy than a truck and an affordable price tag.

SUVs are great everyday vehicles as well as weekend adventure vehicles. Winter is right around the corner and if you are planning any road trips, you might want to consider shopping for an SUV before then. An SUV will allow you to pack everything that you need and also travel more comfortably with the whole family.


Many SUVs have second- and third-row seats that fold down, expanding the available cargo space. You can quickly stow away furniture, luggage, and just about anything else. A large tailgate makes loading simple, and many models have remote opening functions that make loading/unloading cargo even less of a hassle.

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