Pre-Owned Cars in Newmarket

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Pre-Owned Cars in Newmarket

There are a lot of questions involved in the process of buying a car, but the first, simplest one is probably the most important: Should you buy new or used? If you are leaning more towards buying pre-owned cars in Newmarket, then Pfaff VW is the car dealership for you! In this article by Pfaff VW, we will be going over some of the advantages of buying pre-owned cars. Read on for more information.


Comparing apples to apples, a used car is going to be less expensive. The relative advantage of the used-car price can also allow a buyer to step up to a nicer model.


Cars lose value with each passing month and mile, but the steepest decline happens right away; some models can lose 40 percent or more of their value in the first year. With a used car, there’s no depreciation hit the second you roll off the lot. There’s also less mental depreciation, no need to worry about the first parking-lot ding or rock chip in the paint because chances are the car’s previous owner or owners took care of those for you.

Insurance Rates

Like financing, insurance rates will be affected by the age of a car, but in this case the used vehicle tends to be less expensive. A little bit of pre-purchase research will save you from insurance sticker shock, no matter which vehicle you choose.


Although you obviously can’t build a used car to order, maybe you want a model, option package, or even wheel design that’s no longer made. This wider selection can add to the length of the search, but perfection and satisfaction rarely come easily. At Pfaff VW in Newmarket, we always have a very large selection or pre-owned cars for sale. Whether you are looking for an SUV, sedan, coupe, luxury car, or sports car, we have the selection of vehicles that you are looking for.  

Finding good quality pre-owned cars for sale in Newmarket is easy when you choose our Pfaff VW dealership. For more information about our vehicles, or about any of our other services, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.

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