What are the benefits of a 4WD in Newmarket?

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What are the benefits of 4WD in Newmarket?

The main difference between a 4WD and 2WD vehicle is that within 4WD systems all of the wheels can receive power from the engine at the same time. In basic terms, this means that not only do the rear wheels push the car forward, but simultaneously the front wheels pull the car forward. With these two actions put together 4WD vehicles have the capability for more power and therefore have more traction on the road surface. They can grip the road more easily giving the car increased stability. If you are thinking about buying a 4WD Volkswagen vehicle and you are looking for some information about the benefits of a 4WD in Newmarket, then we encourage you to continue reading this article by Pfaff VW.

Take your 4WD Volkswagen vehicle off-roading!

The higher level of traction gives an advantage over all 2WD vehicles for its ability to tackle difficult conditions. 4WD’s allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible landscapes in the countryside. Whether it is making your way up a steep slope or driving through mud or sand, 4WD is the perfect option for making your driving experience an adventure. These feats are achievable for 4WD based on a number of features. The extra power sent to each wheel allows the car to gain the momentum needed to remain stable and continue the pace on slippery conditions. The large tires also allow extra grip and can cover more ground than those on a 2WD.

You won’t lose traction with a 4WD Volkswagen!

As all four wheels are powered in 4WDs, the chances of the vehicle getting stuck even when one or two wheels lose traction on such slippery surfaces are pretty rare. With heavy snowfall being very common in our climate, a 4 wheel drive vehicle is an ideal bet for you as you are less likely to face the problem of losing of control on snow-clad slippery roads with these vehicles.

Faster acceleration and quicker breaking!

The traction of a 4WD Volkswagen can also help you achieve faster acceleration and efficient breaking on normal roads. Similarly, turning the vehicle also becomes quite convenient with sideways traction making steering pretty smooth. Backed by sufficient amount of power, this traction can help a 4WD vehicle clock amazing speeds without having to compromise on its security. As the weight is equally distributed, handling becomes quite easy even when cruising at high speeds. For many people, 4WDs come with an added sense of security – both physical and psychological, with the latter helping people to explore terrain which they would never think about doing otherwise.

There are many benefits of driving a 4WD Volkswagen in Newmarket. At Pfaff VW, we encourage all of our customers to schedule a test drive in a 4WD vehicle so they can get a feel for the features. For more information about about our vehicles at Pfaff VW, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.  


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