Where to buy a pre-owned Volkswagen Tiguan

May 4th, 2020 by

Where to buy a pre-owned Volkswagen Tiguan

The small crossover SUV segment is growing rapidly, and every carmaker is pushing to make a car that captures sales. In their attempt to make models that do a little bit of everything, many car brands have made vehicles that are simply bland. Luckily, Volkswagen decided to build something different, and the Tiguan has become an international standout in the smaller cross-over market. Far separate from bland or generic, the Tiguan is the stylish alternative to the cookie-cutter build of other SUVs. If you are looking for where you can find a pre-owned Volkswagen Tiguan, then you have come to the right place at our Pfaff VW dealership. At our dealership, our customers can find a huge selection of high-end certified-pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles that are waiting for you to take out for a test drive. In this blog, we share some information about a very popular Volkswagen model: The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan. 

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Excellent ride quality 

German cars are not built to simply bumble around the roads. Germany possesses the autobahn, a stretch of long interstates where there is no speed limit. All cars designed, engineered, and built-in Germany are graded on their ability to tackle the autobahn without reservation. If the Tiguan can comfortably handle the road at higher speeds, you can imagine how easily it shrugs off potholes and other irregularities in the road.

Simple controls throughout the vehicle

Volkswagen has long avoided this criticism by building cars that have simple to understand controls that intuitively provide all of the creature comforts of its higher budget cousins without requiring an advanced degree in rocket science to access them. 

Innovative entertainment 

With premium sound, infotainment integration, and connectivity from apps like Apple Play, the Tiguan offers its drivers more than just a dynamic drive quality to keep them entertained. Volkswagen offers all of the standard infotainment options and a few added extras, like the new CarNet® app that allows you to control your car from the convenience of your phone.

Distinct style 

The biggest reason the Tiguan stands out from the crowd is that it stands taller than its competitors. The VW Tiguan’s poised stance, bearing a tall and clean aesthetic separates it from the crowd. Nothing else looks like this beautiful import, and it will absolutely turn heads.

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